Sunday, April 16, 2006

Highway 67, New Zealand

Long stretches of green grass,
backgrounded by towering alps
capped by white mahogoney.

Truck drivers that outnumber normal travellers.
They wave to others that pass,
every one.
Even those they don't recognize.

An army of gray sheep on the fariway,
opposed by an encampment of black cows.
Across the way, under the black shroud of night,
they disappear.

Billowing stacks of wood and flame,
stacked parallel to one another,
deteriorating under a warm Kiwi sun.

Flattened rodents and rabbits on the expressway,
one after the other,
50 metres apart.
Some marked with sprawling blod stains,
others with the teeth of flying predators,
knawing on flesh.

After all this, the road still retains its mystique.

Beautiful, raven, mysterious.