Saturday, December 31, 2005

A movie at night while working on my laptop

the tides have turned
the screen is flickering and my eyes are functioning
but I can't concentrate

projects are pushed off.
expectation is forgotten.
for the lumination of black and white
telling a story
painted on disc.

concentration is oft backwards

cognitive thought wavering against the flicker
due to the insatiable pull of the permanent
repetitive compulsory droll
of keyboard.
of websites oft visited
but rarely changing.

attention deficit no longer.
the story rolls on and my eyes
roll off
the definitively mundane trap of memory chips.
and interweb blips.

a message beeps.
where are you.

someone is concentrating on me.

knock, knock.

the movie flickers. my mind wavers.

is anyone there.

someone is concentrating on me.





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