Friday, October 28, 2005

My speech went well

I am the attendence wizard. As a director of class mediations and the such, I am expected to be thorough and all-knowing as it refers to speaking. As I am the wizard, and wizards should have special powers. And I do. My speech was powerful, perfectly lengthed and featured a potent visual aid - my broken foot. Despite this, my speech was a full functioning sprint.
Things started well on the day as I opened up the class with my speech as to not allow excess buildup of stress or tension that comes with delivering a speech in front of 150 people. I manuevered my way into a expressive dialogue detailing the process of me breaking my foot which I think people were interested and intrigued by.
As the speech hit the middle portions things got a little more involving as I detailed the kindness inherant of all people which surely sapped on the heart strings of the ladies (and bored the guys) . I delivered this part in perfect fashion, slow, but not too slow, alowing power to emerge from each word.
My conclusion properly lead the reader into a theme statement and message to never take anything for granted, again emphasized by slow, strong words to go with a decisive ending sentence. A quick applause made note of the attentiveness of the audience and the power of the speech of the whole.
Nobody is perfect, however, and my speech unfortunately had a few minor issues that needed tweaking. My words often poured out a bit TOO slow, and the beginning portions of the speech lacked gravitas and could have used a bit more spicing up. I also displayed some obvious reoccuring nervous energy, sliding around on the floor. Next time I need to focus myself and not show that weakness as a speech attendence wizard.
Overall the speech was good and an obvious improvement over my first narrative. As things lead into the third and final speech I expect a complete, engrossing dialogue that will grip the viewer from start to finish - without having to concentrate on my gimping appendage. Hopefully it won't limp. Hopefully I'll sprint all the way through.